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Fitness Coaching & Accountability with Simple Nutrition Plan

Lonnie Crosland/Owner
Master Personal Trainer

Lonnie's fitness career started in 2003 when she received her Master Personal Training credentials which included hands on training. Since then her experience is vast and has included ages 18 year olds through 80 year olds of all fitness levels. Being able to relate to her clients, she has been able to create varied workout programs, not JUST according to the client's fitness ability with injury protection in mind, but also according to their personality styles.

Since adherence and healthy habits are a mainstay to continue to live a healthy, happy, quality-filled lifestyle a fitness accountability program was needed and therefore created.

In this way clients don't just get fit they also STAY fit as the business name implies.

Post-rehab training allows her to work with some who cannot undertake the "normal, everyday" exercises that are commonplace.

Clients are completely surprised at fitness results accomplished in as little as 12 sessions.

A simple nutritional program with easy-to-prepare meals rounds out the program. This program provides group support and encouragement.

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Based In Riverside, Ca