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Lonnie Crosland/Owner
Master Personal Trainer


  • ●Master Personal Trainer:
    NPTI (National Personal Training Institute)
    ●Exercise for Special Populations
    (People with asthma, COPD, arthritis, high blood, pressure, diabetes, etc.)
    ●Post-Rehab Training for the Shoulder and Back
    ●Assisted Stretching Certificate
    ●Balance Training for Older Adults
    ●American Heart Association CPR/First Aid/AED certified




Where does Fitness Training Take Place?

*All fitness training is done in the privacy of your home or via live video online. 

Do I need to have my own fitness equipment? 

*When training you in your home, I come to you with all the exercise equipment necessary, however we can also use whatever you have in your home: treadmill, barbell in addition to what I bring. If you are working out via live virtual online training with me, you can use your own body weight for resistance if you have no equipment. You can also use simple forms of exercise equipment, for example: 2 sets dumbbells of different weights,  fitness ball and a mat. 

How do you pick the correct workout plans for me, specifically?

* All clients are given a detailed workup and fitness assessment along with medical questionnaire to help create the perfect results-oriented plan for individual’s specific needs.

What's a typical workout consist of? 

* Workouts include warm-up, workout routine, and cool down. Assisted stretching for whole body, including chiropractic stretches that are given at end of each workout to increase flexibility and range of motion.

*POST-rehab exercises are given if necessary as well as balance and coordination training. Cardio and aerobic endurance exercises with speed agility testing is also included.

*All exercise routines are made with injury protection and prevention in mind.

Are nutritional plans included?

*General guidelines and adherence to nutritious eating is included. Personalized Individual Nutritional Programs are available for extra cost formulated by reliable nutritionists.

*HEALTHY, pure quality, low sugar products and energy supplements and protein shakes/bars are available upon request.

*For good results at least 2 sessions a week is required. For optimal results 3 or more sessions a week are recommended.



 In-Home or Live On-Line Training


  INDIVIDUAL TRAINING                                                                                                   $60 for  1 hour session

BUDDY TRAINING (two people training at same time)                                            $90 for 1 hour session

                                     New!!!!  30 MINUTE EFFECTIVE LIVE ON-LINE WORKOUTS AVAILABLE FOR $30 A SESSION! 





You can continue to train with me for however long you wish. However, if you wish to train on your own and still keep and gain your fitness levels AFTER training with me then, this plan is for YOU!


In order to be eligible for this plan you must have completed at least 3 months of consistent training with me so that you have developed healthy exercise habits and basic knowledge of correct form so as not to injure yourself.



You are given two weeks worth of individualized workout routines pertaining to your specific exercise needs and goals.  At the end of two weeks we have a one-hour video consultation where you ask any questions or concerns you may have relating to your exercise routines which may include questions about form, techniques, consistency, habits, injury prevention, etc.

After receiving answers to questions you are given different workout routines for the next two weeks to complete. In this way you stay uninjured, continue to advance in your training with varied routines and have an accountability partner to keep you on track.

The cost is $75 for each consultation = $150 paid monthly.


Lonnie’s training is rated 5 stars!
April N. (client from February 2018 to present)
Lonnie’s workouts are amazing. I am already seeing results. This is the first time ever using a personal trainer and she makes the experience great. She always comes prepared with a workout in hand, which tells me she doesn’t just make it up on the fly. I would recommend Lonnie to any of my friends.
Val T (client from March 2018 to present)
Lonnie is encouraging, knowledgeable and I love that she comes to my house!
Nikki D (client from 2018)
Lonnie is an expert for customers who have injuries, aches or other limitations! Love working out with her.
Paramveer S (client from 2018 to beginning of 2019)
Lonnie is very caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable.
Rosa R (client from 2017)
I was just getting into working out when Lonnie started training me. She was great, very patient and explained proper techniques and helped grow the love I have today for working out.
April M. (client from 2009)

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